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Investing in Right House is Essential for Creating a Long-Term Asset! Dream House Inspection is amongst the top building inspection company in Melbourne, Australia. Our services serve a purpose to help you meet with the perfect choice for your loved ones. We specialize in building and pest examinations that consist of termite inspection, pre-purchase to new home handover examination. Trusted methodologies, modern technology and efficient skills are used to find out different defects in your to-be-house. With 100% customer satisfaction, our skilled and certified specialist have helped multiple of families to relocate to their dream house.

Pre Purchase Building Inspection

We provide independent building inspection services using the most advanced tools delivering best value

New Home Building Inspection

This 5 stage-wise building inspection ensures compliant and quality work and avoid later state defect fixing

Timber Pest & Termite Inspection

Our timber pest inspection report is prepared using most advanced pest detection technology in Australia

New Home Handover Inspection

Our handover inspection confirms that your potential house meets quality and safety standards for a tiny cost

How We Can Help You

Purchasing a house is the biggest investment of life for any family and there are always apprehensions associated with it.

According to research, 20% of houses have a major defect while 67% of houses have some minor defects. These defects can cost you thousands of dollars and take many months of your life.

As you want to make an informed decision of purchasing a house and a building inspection report provides you with detailed information about the condition of the potential house. The report warns about any safety risk and works as a valuable negotiation tool.

At Dream Home Inspection, we scan every inch of your house inside-out and cover more than 1050 major and minor defects. We stick to the Australian standard and deliver the report on the same day.

Our inspectors are equipped with Specific education in building inspection, latest technology and over 21 years of experience to provide you the best building inspection service in the industry. Our reports are in plain English and easy to understand.

Over the years, Dream Home Inspection has grown as most trusted Building Inspection Company and we provide independent detailed building inspection that you can count on.

What We Cover In building Inspection

We inspect major and minor defect using most advanced technology. Our meticulously developed process makes sure that not a inch is left uninspected.

Our building inspection cover following section (but not limited to) of your house:

How We Are Better

We are preferred building and pest inspection company of home buyers in Melbourne

SPECIFIC EDUCATION: Each of our building inspectors has specific education in building inspection (Advance Diploma in Building Surveying). Builders with builder licenses are doing most of the inspections without any specific education of building inspection which puts house owners at risk.

COUNCILS EXPERIENCE: How many building inspectors out there has experience of working for a council? Our inspectors have worked for different councils and this experience has inculcated the inspector with best building compliance knowledge.

OVER 21 YEARS EXPERIENCE: A lifetime experience in the building industry guarantees the best building inspection service for you. Over the years we have learned about all the potential issues and how these are covered. We even uncover defects covered by the seller or building under fresh paint.

MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We use most advanced technology and tools in building inspection. Our laser measuring device provides precise measurement and the latest moisture meter detects any leakage or waterproofing issues covered under any surface.

REPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS: We guarantee you to provide independent building inspection report within 24 hours from inspection. Our reports are easy to read and 100% recognized by third parties. The report contains detailed information and explanation with photographs.


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Dream Home Inspections


Why do Inspection

Building inspection provides you with a detailed analysis of the present, suspected and potential issues in the building. A building inspection report is key tool in decision making that whether one should finalize the deal or walk away

Why choose us

Equipped with a specific university degree in building inspection, most advanced technology and experience of 21 years, we take pride in offering the most comprehensive and detailed building inspection report.

What we cover

We conduct detailed building inspection of your home inside-out and scan for more than 1050 major or minor defects. Our building inspection meets Australian Standard and covers every inch of your property


Guaranteed Best Service

We provide best building inspection service

Guaranteed Experienced Inspector

We have trade expert and qualified building inspectors

Guaranteed Latest Technology

We use most advanced and latest tool for building inspection

Guaranteed 24 Hour Turn-around

We email report within 24 hours of Inspection

Guaranteed Fully Insured

All of our inspectors are 100% insured as per state requirements


According to an independent survey with different building inspection companies in Australia, 20% houses have some major defects while 60% houses have some minor defects. Important thing to note is that even a minor defect can cost thousands of dollars.

  • Dream home inspection have building inspector with university education specifically in building inspection. Most of companies have building inspector with just builder license and no formal education in building inspection.
  • Our building inspector have unique experience of working in different city councils. This experience have made us expert in building standards and building compliance.
  • We have experience of over 21 years in building industry making us capable of delivering best quality building inspection services. Over the years, we have developed a airtight process making impossible to miss any defect.

Building inspection is visual inspection of a building by an expert. A building inspector is qualified individual with license and expert knowledge to conduct building inspection. It involves the inspection of

  • Exterior roof
  • Interior roof
  • Exterior house
  • Interior house
  • Sub-floors

We encourage you to be present at time of inspection. This way we can show you all the defects first hand and explain the repercussions of these defects.

Yes, you are free to ask any question to inspector who conducted building and pest inspection at your house. Your inspector has first hand information about your house.

As thumb rule, cost of building inspection ranges between $250 to $600.The cost of building inspection depends on following factors

  • Size of property
  • Type of property
  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Type of inspection

Timber pest inspection is an inspection for potential and existing damages to house from termites and other pests. This inspection is conducted by expert inspector with help of special tools in accordance with Australian Standard.

The cost of timber pest inspection ranges from $200 to $600 and depends on following factors
  • Size of property
  • Type of property
  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Type of inspection
It takes good 2-3 hours for site inspection and around 2 hours to compile the building inspection report. Duration of a building inspection depends on the following factor
  • Size of property
  • Type of property
  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Type of inspection
It takes good 2-3 hours for site inspection and around 2 hours to compiles the timber pest inspection report. Duration for timber pest inspection depends on the following factor
  • Size of property
  • Type of property
  • Age of property
  • Location of property
  • Type of inspection
Building and Inspection is a must for any house purchase. It is your biggest investment of the lifetime and you want to make an informed decision. A building inspection has the following benefits
  • Warns about Safety Hazards: There can be many life-threatening risks present in the potential house and you do not want to put the life of your family under risk. Building inspection warns you about potential safety risks in the house.
  • Report Structural damage: One of the major issues with houses is problems with structural frames. These structural issues are difficult to fix and may pose serious risks. A building inspection reports point out these structural issues.
  • Protection of potential money pit: Even small minor defects may cost thousands of dollars. Building inspection reports list out all the defects in building and save a buyer from a potential money pit.
  • Negotiation tool: Building Inspection report is a great negotiation tool. The buyer can ask for a price reduction against potential repair costs.
  • Decision maker: It is a great tool for decision making about purchasing a house. If there are too many problems with the house, the buyer may decide to walk away from the deal.
  • Forecast potential repair: The report provides detailed information about problems in the house. This helps in calculating the potential future repair cost.

Pre-auction inspection is building and pest inspection report prepared by an expert about the condition of building before bidding for the house. The report describes major defects, minor defect and potential consequences of these defects.

Building inspection should cover the following aspect of house

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