Our Beginning

After working in for many prestigious building companies internationally and nationally, we decided to focus ourselves on the most critical component of this industry – QUALITY . A quality Building and pest inspection is the base of quality assurance and ensures that the occupant gets what he is promised.


We have been on both sides of the table while working for national/ international clients and building companies. On one hand, we have worked with builders and building companies meaning that we know all the loopholes and how they are covered. On the other hand side, we have worked as a quality inspection consultant where our job was to inspect the quality of construction and extract quality builder service from the building company. This extensive experience from both the worlds has culminated us with knowledge and skills that guarantee the best building and pest inspection for your future home or investment property.

Dream Home Inspection Beginning

Our Values

Integrity in Everything
  • We do what we speak and speak what we do
  • We practice honesty and transparency in every transaction in our business.
  • We do not compromise on our high standard of professional ethics in anything.
Continuous Improvement
  • We work hard to be better than yesterday
  • We continuously upgrade our skills, knowledge, tools and technology
  • We take every feed back from our customers seriously and work on it to improve ourselves
Customer Focused
  • For us, Customer is God
  • We always listen to our customer patiently with a smile
  • We always think about the impact on customer before every decision
Passion with Attitude
  • We believe that Do what you love and love what you do.
  • We breathe, live and dream about building and building inspections
  • We are passionate about safety and benefits of our customer purchasing house.
Strive for Excellence
  • We believe in be best and give best
  • We culminate best technology in building and pest inspection
  • We strive to give best customer experience, inspection service and timely delivery of reports.


  • Over 21 years of Experience: We have experience of over 21 years in quality assurance of building industry.
  • Most advanced Technology: At Dream Home Inspections, we use most advanced tools and technology for building inspections.
  • Independent Report: We provide unbiased independent building and pest inspection report for your house.
  • Top Education and training: Our inspection team have qualification from top engineering schools of country
  • Australian Standard: At Dream Home Inspection, we deliver building inspection and inspection report as per Australian standard.
  • Continuous Improvement: We work hard to be better than yesterday. Our inspector continuously improve their skills, knowledge and tools.
  • Up to Date: Our team go through regular training and seminars to keep up to date with latest technology, latest building material and latest building practices.
  • Fully licensed & insured: Each of our building and pest inspectors is licensed and 100% insured individually as per state requirements.
  • Reports within 12 hours : We deliver your comprehensive building and pest inspection report on same day of inspection.
  • Detailed reports: Dream Home Inspections delivers easy to understand detailed report with photographs without using technical jargon.
  • We manage your agent: We will liaise with your real estate agent to confirm an inspection time and keep you informed.
  • You’re welcome along: Our inspector are happy to provide you with live report as inspections is conducted. We encourage you to attend building and pest inspection.
  • Member of major association: Dream Home Inspections is proud member of major industry association which requires member organisation to maintain certain standards and ensures best building and pest inspection service for customers.
  • Customer focus: For us, customer is god and we are happy to go extra mile for our the satisfaction of our customers.