Handover Building Inspection

New home handover is an exciting time for any homeowner. The wait is over and you are on cloud nine to see spotless paint and shining polishes. Even the builders put ribbons and some flowers. But there may be many hidden issues in the form of poor workmanship, uncompliant work or incomplete work, etc.


New home handover inspection is conducted after the building company has finished their work and before the owner takes over the house. If building inspection is not carried out during each stage of construction, then this inspection is highly recommended. This inspection involves the inspection of finished products from the builder. We as professional building inspection expert provide you with building inspection reports independent of any influence.


  • Find out sub-standard finishing
  • We detect any leakage or waterproofing issues
  • We scrutinize minutely for any defects with timber framing
  • Check if there is any non-compliant workmanship
  • Chalk out problems with external drainage and stormwater system
  • Notice any broken tiles or problem with gutter, valley or missing waterproofing
  • We inspect if there is any fire hazard
  • Report about any hazardous safety issue with house
  • Uncover any cover-up jobs
new home inspection

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